Learn Mental Toughness

Less anxiety. More confidence. Sweet success! 

Think · Feel · Believe

Make it FUN! 

“I’m okay if players quit playing organized sports when they find interest and passion in some other positive activity.  I am not okay when 70-80% of our youth quit playing organized sports at 13 years old, simply because they are not having fun.  The Mindful Player will do everything to make sports more enjoyable, and alleviate the pressure that players and parents feel.”
Adam Rosales |11 year MLB veteran | Founder of Mindful Player


The system


Here you will be introduced to the key components of the Mindful Player process. You will learn focus reset, mindful breathing, your focus cue, and what it means to overcome pressure using five seconds of courage.


You’ll have your own personal hitting coach in your ear guiding you through the Mindful Player process, delivering pressure situations, and teaching you how to focus on the task at hand.


This is your chance to practice like the game is on the line. An audio file full of distractions challenges your focus and control. You will overcome anxiety and you will compete with confidence.